Summer is here and so is party season. This time around, it’ll be hot, it’ll be fun, and most importantly wild. And what’s a better way to make memories than in style?

In this guide, we’ll take you through all the summer party dresses and fashion trends for 2022. From colors to fabric, day-time events to evening parties; we’ll give you tips to looking vogue at all times.


Summer Party Dresses for 2022

There’s a lot that’s trending this summer, and we are excited to put you on all that’s hot. To help you navigate this party season looking flawless, we broke the trends into categories based on color, fabric, and cuts.

This season’s trends are all about looking sexy and confident. So, you’ll find that sheer, short, and shimmery is the dominant theme. The hues for this season are also unusual and bold and we’re really excited to reveal all the industry secrets to you.


3 Trending Colors for Summer Party Dresses

- Fuchsia

Call it Fuchsia or Bubble Gum Pink, the fact remains that this color is all-in this summer of 2022. This color is a gem that’s only recently getting the appreciation it deserves.

Picking fuchsia for your summer party dresses is a stylish way to guarantee you don’t go unnoticed. The brightness also adds an irresistible vivacious allure to your look.

And the best part about opting for bubble gum pink is that the striking color will bring out that tan you’ve been working on as well.


- Popcorn Yellow

Be as bright as the sun and turn heads at any event this summer. For the coming season, popcorn yellow will be reigning and it will engulf you with fairy-like charm. Selecting a few popcorn yellow pieces for your collection of summer party dresses is the right way to kick start the warm season with the right looks.

This color is full of spontaneity and energy; and will certainly make you radiate cheeriness and love.


- Coral Rose

Burnt orange or coral rose is among the high-demand hues for the summer and spring of 2022. This floral shade is vivid like a sweet memory and refreshing with the enthusiasm it oozes.

The shade of coral rose is unique and the faint undertone of pink engulfed with orange makes it a very striking option. You’ll find that many of the high-end brands have featured this color repeatedly in their spring/summer collections for this year.

So don’t miss the opportunity to look very in style this summer.


- Lime Green

Lime green had a huge fashion moment in the 90s setting the theme for major fashion houses such as Chanel. The good news is that everyone’s favorite hue is making an appearance this coming season.

Cop yourself a few pieces for an iconic collection of summer party dresses and make jaws drop. Because one thing about lime green it is certainly an attention-grabber

This particular hue will also add a tone of calmness, composure, and balance to your appeal. Investing in this color is a smart move since it’s very flexible and can be worn at many types of events and parties.


3 Fabric and Texture Trends in Fashion for 2022


- Silk

If we’re being frank, silk never goes out of style. But this season, it’s receiving a lil extra love and attention. Make sure you stay up to date by adding a few silk pieces to your collection of summer party dresses. Indulge yourself in the effortless glamour of silk in a trendy slip-in dress and make your appearance stand out by opting for vibrant hues.

It is generally easy to style and the key is to tune your accessories to the minimal and simple aura of the piece. A classic pair of heels and a baguette bag or a mini leather tote bag will give you a very chic and sultry finish.


- Sequin Embroidered Fabric

Sequin and everything shimmery is everywhere this season and we’re here for it. The seventies disco era is back and so is all the glitz and glamour. And what better season to hop on the trend than the summer season? The season of weddings and parties.

Cop yourself a few sequin items for your summer party dresses. But don’t limit yourself to just dresses. Sequin suits are also in this season and you can fetch a few in striking colors for a statement look.


- Abstract Prints

Abstract prints are making another appearance this summer of love. It is such a brilliant way to add a whimsical air to your appeal with undertones of artistic vibes as well. An abstract print item is a must-have in 2022.

Most people automatically think of floaty maxi dresses when we talk about abstract pattern dresses. But that’s only one part of the story. Abstract print fashion has evolved to include fitted mini dresses, cut-out dresses, and many other forms of contemporary fashion.


The Takeaway

Summer is the season of love, fun, and living in the moment. And the trends this season reflect just that with a dash of wistful romance and theatrical glamour. 

While joy comes effortlessly, adding fashion to spontaneity only makes it better. Feeling good comes from looking good.

Engulf in poetry by opting for abstract print pieces, switch up to a flashy and dramatic with sequin-embroidered pieces, and finally engage in delicate softness by wearing dainty hues like lime green and popcorn yellow.

Keep your collection shimmery, striking, and colorful to reflect a jubilant vibe on your adventures and celebrations.



Author: Suha Rabti

August 02, 2022

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