Our Mission

A contemporary fashion store for the empowered woman

La Blanca is a contemporary fashion boutique that was first established in 2009 to bring fashionable, luxury wear, and make it within your reach. We tend to offer an avant-garde selection of fashion wear to those who seek eclectic and edgy key pieces in their wardrobe.

Our main goal is to give our users a smooth and reliable shopping experience by offering multiple channels to shop from for the latest iconic trends; Whether by going to one of our physical locations or by visiting our online store.

Our Values

Respect | Integrity | Quality

Fine quality is realized through our sense of responsibility. We believe that empowerment, consciousness, and ethics should be the founding stones of any prosperous business.

A glimpse about the owner

With a deep take on fashion, contingency, and over two decades of experience, our founder, Dalia Philip was set to start La Blanca to elevate the fashion scene, bringing new and fresh trends to all empowered women, ensuring both, the sense of quality and practicality; Dalia maintains a boutique-like vibe, leaving you indulged in a variety of styles.

Our Vision

Our take on the future of fashion

Along the way, we’ve learned that by commitment, hard work, high-end quality, and social empowerment, we will be able to deliver top-notch service, fulfilling all of our clients' desires towards a radiant fashionable take. That’s why our team has dedicated their heart and soul to helping you explore your true fit and finding that pièce de résistance that leaves you with that new Audrey Hepburn vibe!

As we thrive to offer exceptional service to our clients, we tend to put our thought into creating a direct channel of communication with them, to achieve and maintain a successful partnership. We aim to be established as an authentic exclusive manufacturer, expanding our reach to Egyptian and international markets, by overcoming all barriers, transcending in-store operations, quality garments, and developing a strong relationship with all our clients.